Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Bloggers Death Day

I came across the greatest post today...
Kate from Gardening Without Skills has started a Monday event for gardeners called Gardening Bloggers Death Day. As she puts it " the day for gardeners who overwater, underwater, maim, prune or otherwise neglect their plants to a state of dismal droopage or untimely death".

Its perfect!
You have to rush over to her site and check out her entire post!

These are a few of today's horrid deaths in my yard. The garden is still new so there is plenty of time for disaster!

This first photo was the job of the deer- I didn't actually kill it- they sort of did- no blooms this year. They chopped off all the tops of my 5 gorgeous Lilys.

This is the lettuce that I managed to kill- really before it got a chance to really grow!

And this -well- its a sneak peak of what is to come in the near future!

Thanks Kate for such fun. I would have hidden these photos before now I feel safe sharing them!


Bunny said...

I'm seeing little holes in my pepper plant leaves, Sam this it's a cat, I think the bugs are getting them. Cats don't eat plant leaves do they?? Our corn didn't do so well , we planted 2 rows and only 6 plants came up OUCH!! LOL!! We're mass murderers!!

Susan said...

I agree its bugs...I took a picture of a bug on my eggplant- turns out its a flea beetle and the put holes in the eggplant leaves. Tiny little black bug! Take a picture then look on the internet ....

Cheryl said...

I'm sure losing the lily blooms hurt (especially since that's what you have as your opening picture). You've got deer, I've got squirrels. I guess we've all got our little creatures to deal with.

Susan said...

Oh Cheryl you are so right...we have squirrel too but they dont do as much damage. I can live with them...we have bear too so I cant feed the birds! Always something!