Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Weekly Giveaway at Get The Bean

Hurry over to Get The Bean...TO WIN 1 LB OF GOURMET COFFEE OR TEA .

Get The Bean has some of the finest organically grown coffee beans in the world. Fresh roasted, made to order and delivered right to your doorstep.

I can almost taste it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Giveaway 2008

5 Minutes for Mom is holding a GIANT giveaway

for the month of November.

Hurry over to their site and read all about it.

Free Cook Book Offer

Enter to win an autographed copy of :
The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook
Now is your chance to win this fantastic cookbook. Just fill out their form by November 24, and they will announce the lucky winner on November 25!
Hurry Over there time is running out!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is my entry for the Cooking with Alicia & Annie Blog Event
for November! (deadline for submissions November 30th) .
I am also entering this in the Potato Ho Down being hosted by Baking Delights on November 19th.

from Alicias site...

2 cups mashed potatoes
2 tbsp flour
sprinkle of parsley
2 eggs
1 tsp onions chopped

Mix all together and fry in in skillet over low heat in a little oil or butter.

You could make these as thick as you want, I suppose.
Submitted by Jay

*NOTE:I altered these a bit.
I added parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.Once they were mixed I shaped them into cylinders and rolled them in egg then seasoned bread crumbs. I arranged them in a casserole dish that I sprayed with cooking spray. I also sprayed the potato cakes then put them into a 350* degree oven for about an hour. They came a little lighter since they were not fried and the outer crust was still golden.


Gotta love a good potatoe!

Bountiful Container giveaway...

Fern from Life on the Balcony is having a really fun contest.

It’s super easy to participate in this contest. All you have to do is comment on a post. Any post. For the next two weeks (until November 17th at midnight Pacific time).

The winner will receive a copy of McGee & Stuckey’s excellent book, Bountiful Container. He or she will also receive all of the seeds needed (lavender, mint, pansy, and thyme) to complete a project from the book called “Lavender Lady,” AND a natural cotton tote featuring the lavender drawing shown on the seed packet above. The seeds and tote are courtesy of Botanical Interests seed company.

Rush right over there and check out her wonderful blog and this fun giveaway!

Discover under-appreciated blogs...

Chuck Westbrook’s Blog has a really great idea and you can be part of it...
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"There is a simple way to discover under-appreciated blogs and help them reach the audience they deserve. In fact, with no special effort and in one fell swoop, you can now find these sites and reward the creator in a powerful way."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Life,Lightly Salted Giveaway ends Friday Nov. 7th...Hurry up and enter!

Michele from Life,Lightly Salted is giving away a 7 ounce Almond Biscotti soy candle from her favorite candle lady, Janine .
It smells absolutely delicious!

It has a sweet toasted almond cookie fragrance with a hint of buttery vanilla.

Janine is the owner/operator/scent wizard of Things That Make Scents in South Jersey. But wait… Janine has also thrown in a $25 gift certificate to the lucky winner!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment telling Michele what your favorite candle scent is. Deadline for entering the giveaway will be Friday, November 7th, 2008.

For an extra chance to win and to promote Things That Make Scents just mention this giveaway on your blog and let her know that you linked back to her site.

I Hope You Voted!

I also made some cupcakes ...

Yellow cupcakes with Yellow Buttercream Icing

The icing was a little loose and a bit grainy. Not my best cupcake but the peanut gallery loved them!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Baker has another FABULOUS giveaway!

Tanya at Sunday Baker is holding another FABULOUS giveaway!

"What's more fun than inviting our kids into the kitchen for holiday cooking? And what good is inviting them to join you if they don't have an adorable apron to wear while doing so?" Tanya found this talented Etsy shop owner that makes the cutest aprons for children, both boys and girls.

They are very well made and SO CUTE! The best part is that you can win one, and just in time for the holidays.

The chosen winner will get to pick an apron from her Etsy shop found here: Stitchygirl52

If you want to take a stab at winning this great giveaway, here's what to do:

In the comments section, leave a note telling Tanya about an "unexpected" blessing you are thankful for this year.

This giveaway fun will end this Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

At that time she will announce the randomly chosen winner for the apron.

Mention these games on your blog or to a friend and email Tanya about it and

she will put your name in TWO more times for getting the word out!

Hurry up because Tuesday is almost here!

Remembering My Dad...

Since today is All Souls Day...
I wanted to take a moment to remember my Dad.

He has been gone for 6 years , but I feel him with me always.
He wrote me a poem in Italian that I thought I would share.

For those who don't speak Italian...I'm sorry but I don't have the translation. Besides -some times you lose the true meaning in the translation.

Thank you Daddy...I love you and I miss you.

"Alla Mia Susanna"

A te,
dolce creatura,
che un giorno gia lontano
all’alba mia apparisti
e desti tanta luce
e poi tanto calore
a tutti I giorni mei.

A te,
voglio cantare
con tanta tenerezza
la mia canzon d’amore.

A te,
piccolo fiore
che con la tua fragranza
profumi tutta l’aria
che il cuore mio respire.

A te,
che qual’usigunolo
canti le melodie
che cullan la mia mente
e dolcemente chiudono
a sera, quegl’occhi miei si’stanchi.

A te,
bambina mia
tenero fior,gentile e delicato,
voglio ripetere
quell’accorato canto
che sempre dice amore
e che senz’ali vola
al nido che tu tiene
nel cuore tuo fanciullo.

A te,
voglio ripetere
da mane a sera
di giorno e poi di notte
che tenero e l’amor
che porto in cor per te.

Per te,
la tenerezza
che sento dentro me
scorre tranquilla e placida
qual rivolo di monte.

Per te,
carezza dei miei occhi
un sentimento splendido
si’caldo, come il sole
da vita e da speranza
all’esser mio cadente.

Per te,
io vivo e sento
in tutte le mia membra
la tiepida carezza
che come caldo vento
da vita e da ristoro
ai giorni del mio inverno.

Io t’amo, t’amo tanto
O piccolo fior mio…

Quest’e’il mio dolce canto
che volo senza l’ali
al cuore tuo tremante.