Sunday, May 10, 2009


My garden is coming to life....
Spring is so exciting...

Mothers Day Dinner

Our little family gathering was perfect today....
Our Mothers Day celebration.

My Mothers Day gifts...

My Mother-in-Law lives with us- my Mom came over as well as my Brother.

My Mother brought over some string beans and the favorite dish of hot peppers that my husband brother and I go crazy for!

I made some BBQ'd chicken legs
because as usual I am always afraid there isn't enough food!

I baked a small ham and glazed it with Teryaki sauce- it came delicious!

Of course the famous dandelion dish was on the table
and the Mothers really enjoyed the treat!

I tried a new Brussels Sprout and Wild Rice Casserole... as well as a Green Salad .
My Brother brought the wonderfully crusty Italian bread that is a must with the hot peppers!

For dessert I made coffee and put together a cookie tray.
I made Almond Biscotti and a Dried Cherry Biscotti- both were really good.
I also made Pizzelle and they were light and delicate. Everyone loved them.

Our day together was wonderful....
I am so grateful to have had both of our Moms at our table!