Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Glorious Sunday

Beautiful Sunday morning and what a joy to find that my radishes have sprouted.
We are suppose to have an unexpected frost tonight so I better scramble to find some adequate cover for these tender plants or I'm in trouble!

Two Iris are blooming!
I'm so grateful the darn rain didn't knock them over.

Last little surprise I found while strolling around the yard- some grapes on the grape vine.
I pray we don't get hammered by beetles this year - last year was a disaster.
If anyone has a sure fire "organic" method to keep the beetles away please share it with me.
We tried the hormone strip one year and it attracted more beetles to our yard -so that is out!

I read the recipe for the ripe fruit and the yeast but F thinks it will work the same as the hormone strip and attract more to our yard...I just don't know.

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Mary said...

Susan your flowers are gorgeous. Soon, too will, be your radishes.