Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursdays Garden Update

I did my usual morning walk around the garden today. Yesterday it rained all day long so I was hoping for some new additions to the garden...I did find a few!

First stop was the Shasta Daisey's in the front yard and they are doing beautifully.
Mr. Daddy Longlegs was very happy there.

I passed by my husbands Raspberry bushes and they are bursting!

The Swiss Chard is popping up in all the squares that I planted it in.

As are the cukes..

And the Cow Peas...

I was very happy to see the zucchini peaking through the ground-
that rain sure helps things along!

The cute little Stella D'Oro lilies are in bud-
now to make sure the deer don't get them!

More Shasta Daisey's...

I added a few Trellises to the garden...
I wanted to grow Morning Glory...
Let's see what happens!

Enjoy your garden...
See you tomorrow.


Mary said...

You'll be so glad you expanded your trellis when those morning glories start to pop. It is going to be gorgeous.

Susan said...

I hope so May- every other year that I planted them- they never grow. I think they never had enough sun- that's why I pray they do better here!