Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Natures Glorious Bounty

I just love going out into the garden and finding little gifts hiding under great big leaves. I love picking plump red tomatoes (I think I eat more than make it into the basket).
I get inspired to put it all together and enjoy it as soon as possible.

This year I planted Nasturtiums...they are so yummy in my salad. They make me feel like I am having an exotic salad.
That peppery taste is so delicious!
I finally got some tomatoes ...I thought everything would be lost because we have had so much rain. Some were in the ground- they will have to ripen on the window sill!
I made a quick mix of all our glorious garden gems. It was a great side dish with our grilled chicken and salad for dinner.
(Onions,zucchini,peppers,tomatoes,green beans and potatoes -fresh purple basil and some fresh oregano and a touch of freshly ground sea salt) I didn't season too much because I didn't want to loose the fresh from the garden taste. It was so good!

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