Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Spectacular Weekend!

Back to the Jersey shore this weekend.
The weather was spectacular...NO RAIN!

We of course went crabbing again- but the crabs were no where to be seen.
I don't know if its the beginning of the molt...the full moon ...or they just knew we were there!

Luckily we did get enough to make another spectacular dinner though.

My son was eager to fish and he caught several small flounder and a few small snapper. He was thrilled!

Chef's Silvio and Rosalba prepared another unbelievable dinner.

This time we were right there to watch the magic happen right before our eyes!

Silvio says that there is something special about the way you saute the onions. When they are done just right the sauce explodes with that special flavor!

I returned home with sore cut up lips from sucking the meat and sauce out of
every nook and cranny of those delectable little crabs!It was worth every bit of pain!

Thank you again Silvio and Rosalba...

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