Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Crabby Weekend

We went to the beach for the weekend.
The weather wasn't ideal but we managed...we even crabbed in the rain!

It was a short trip but we had a great time.
A big thank you to Silvio and Rosalba!
They made it all possible...

Silvio took us to his favorite crabbing spot!

Everyone had the same idea as we did...

Sivio and Rosalba cooked us a magnificent dinner of Linguini with Crab Sauce!

Caponatina or Capponata: This very traditional, Sicilian dish is most often served as an appetizer but also makes the perfect quick and casual meal during the hot summer months.Serve it with crusty bread, fresh vegetables, olives, and assorted regional cheeses. Try it "bruschetta style" on toast points or toppped over hot pasta. It's delicious and unexpected, and a valuable time saver too. Once prepared, caponatina will stand up to two weeks in the refigerator so it is ready-made to serve the unexpected company or at impromptu gatherings. Caponatina can als be served as a unique and creative side dish at any meal. Oh So Good!

My boys searched the beach for treasures...
***Bulletin***...we didn't strike it rich this weekend!

The ocean is just gorgeous...we love being there.
Being there really helps us regroup and feel refreshed.
Until next weekend!..................

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jfjohns said...

Oh I just love the pictures! The food looks so yummy! We don't have crabs like that here in Maine.