Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"My Lifes Joys" goes Gluten Free

I suppose you have noticed that I haven't posted in quite a while.

I am trying to get back to my blog...the curve ball that was thrown my way somewhat messed up my cooking habits.
Due to the fact that I have discovered I am intolerant to gluten...(no more wheat,rye or barley ) I am exploring a whole new way of preparing my food.
I have also become avid label reader!

No more pasta...No more pizza...No more crusty Italian bread...
Life is now quite different.
That is not to say that it is bad...just different.
Good thing I love rice because it has become a new staple!
I am exploring new ways to make some of my favorite Italian dishes...thanks to the help of the many awesome GF bloggers out there!

This is a perfect time to go gluten free too...our garden is planted and there is a lot of fresh produce at the markets.
No real need for the traditional "cold weather" comfort foods.
Ill deal with that when the weather gets colder.
My Oregano went crazy again this year...

The garlic that my husband planted in the Fall is doing beautifully...

A few pea pods...can't wait to stir fry them!

My Sage and Lemon Thyme came back bigger than last year!

Please don't give up on me...I will try to post some interesting things that everyone will like.
I have to get myself into the garden more often-camera in hand- and start sharing progress photos with you...veggies are growing-flowers are blooming and critters are enjoying my yard!

I hope you have a wonderful summer and I will post more soon!

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