Saturday, November 22, 2008

Catch - Up Post

I know it seems like I haven't been cooking -since I've only been posting these awesome giveaways that I keep finding....BUT the truth is that my son arrived from Japan 2 days ago and I have been a busy beaver!

I tried to cook some different meals ahead of time so that if we got side tracked we could still eat! Good thinking don't you think?

Well lets see now...

I made some stuffed peppers like I did in another post except I used mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar!

I made another "everything" beef soup. Its always great on a cold night- we ate that one right away!

I made some spinach -mushroom lasagna rolls...they came delish!

I made a more traditional lasagna and put it in the freezer- in case I get unexpected company and I have to feed them!

I made a yummy Broccoli-Cheddar Casserole and that was a hit too! I found the recipe at Baking and Beyond-
check it out your family will love it!
As you can see I forgot to take pictures before the hungry crew attacked the food so
I had to take pictures of what little scraps they left behind!

I found these really delicious Ranch Chicken Wonton Cups over at I heart food 4 thought.
They were simple and really really good- its hard not to eat them all up before you even serve your company!

I attempted to make Cupcake Bites...
While I was at Good Eats'n Sweets I got inspired!
Now Jaime made these look easy but they are not easy at all !

I didnt attempt to make them into lolly-pops because I had nowhere to store them- so bites they were. My family loved them!

My next project was Snickerdoodles.
Now Tanya at Sunday Baker
made gorgeous perfectly shaped Snickerdoodles...I just assumed that if I got all the same ingredients and did what she said to do- mine would look like hers did.
Mind you Tanya said I quote" these are no-brainers".
Well let me tell you-they weren't and they don't look like hers!
They taste yummy but they are too flat and a bit too chewy!
I need a 911 rescue and I have to try it again!
Sorry Tanya!

My last project was a simple batch of Almond Butter Spritz cookies that Tanya inspired me to make... well I have always had trouble with spritz cookies- they always stick in the darn press and dont come out as perfect as everyone elses! was no different!

They stuck to the press and got too brown on the edges...good thing my kids were looking for snacks- I sold themright away!

They wont be on my Christmas cookie tray!

Another 911 rescue needed here!

Im not discouraged no matter how bad things sound.

Tomorrow is a big cooking day- company coming and I know Ill have some success pictures to share with you .
In the meantime back to the drawing board with the cookies.

I think I might start making my old faithful cookies"biscotti".

They always come out perfect!


Meg said...

Look at all the amazing food! YUM! Enjoy your time with your son!

Susan said...

Thank you Meg...