Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain,Rain ..Go Away

Let it be known that this is a formal complaint!

we have had more than enough rain and I am requesting the sun make an appearance!

My plants are begging for sun!

I got sunflower sprouts!

Look at all those little buds on the pepper plant...
I hope they dont fall off!

The Beans are going nutz and we better get the trellis up so they can start climbing!

The other little sprouts in the photo are Swiss Chard.

Look at the Zucchini and Yellow Summer Squash.

They are adorable....


Happy Gardening...


Toni-zone 4 WY said...

Susan, it's Toni here in sunny Wyoming!

Sending you sunshine.. RIGHT NOW... should reach you momentarily... : )

Always happy to share! Maybe we could trade off some times for rain!

Tx3d said...

Hi Susan, If all of your friends send sun and you end up with a bit too much could you send some on to England please. I love your gardens and your graphics.

Mary said...

I've heard, "The sun will come out tomorrow...".

Susan said...

Thank you so are right - too much is no good. But I always want what I dont have!
I think I really just need more patience!