Monday, June 8, 2009

A few new garden shots~

This is very exciting- for some reason I have always had trouble with Morning Glories...
I don't really understand why but I just do!
This time my neighbor came over to oversee the project...mainly because no matter where she sticks Morning Glory seeds they grow!
I needed the Good Carma!

Well it worked...take a look at my little glorious sprouts!

Now for step 3...they need to crab the trellis and grow ,grow, grow!
I'll keep you posted!


Mary said...

They are beautiful and will grow even more glorious. Just don't overwater.

Toni-zone 4 WY said...

I have such fond memories of walking passed a neighbor's fence on the way to school and enjoying the beauty of their morning glories.

May your little sprouts grow into exquisite beauties for you to enjoy!!!

Susan said...

Thanks so much Toni- I am very excited and also a bit impatient! Keep your fingers crossed!