Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clavate Tortoise Beetles.

I did some research and found the alien
that has been hanging out on my tomato plants!

May I introduce you to:

"clavate" (meaning, essentially, "thickened at one end")

Now they do seem to favor tomato plants...just my luck!

Now if you are interested in seeing all the different types of beetles we have in North America...take a look at this.

Do you have any of these creatures in your garden?

What bugs are you finding?


Toni-zone 4 WY said...

What an interesting looking beetle... Is it causing problems for your tomato plants?

I'm having problems with my mellon leaves... I'll have to take a picture and have all my gardening friends take a look...

Only thing that I've seen so far are bees & ladybugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that is strange looking!

Mary said...

Looks like an alien infant. How do you treat for them?

Susan said...

I haven't really found an organic way to rid my garden of these pests- short of picking them off- but that is even difficult - they fly away very quickly.
I'm still looking!