Monday, May 25, 2009

Our New Garden

Welcome to our new square foot garden...filled with raised beds and wonderful soil!

Our original garden was a bed of clay.

Now matter how much organic material we added- no matter how many times we tilled it- it just remained a bed of clay.
Here in our area of North East Pennsylvania we could only grow rocks!
We raked and picked and tilled and still time and time again new rocks would blossom to the surface... ENOUGH- therefore the new garden!

Now my husband has been totally against raised beds and square foot gardening since we moved to this house. He was stuck on his traditional method of gardening.
Today...(I should have recorded it!) he told me how impressed he was and that he could not believe how many plants we can fit in this garden...he said I quote" I could have never fit this many plants in my other garden!".

Well- I am overjoyed. I have wanted this garden for years and it is finally here...
I will keep you posted on the progress!

Now I just pray my plants grow- or I'm sure I'll hear about it!
Please keep your fingers crossed.


Tx3d said...

It all looks great, good luck with the growing! I have also started (on a small scale) this year, take a look if you get a moment

Mary said...

Oh, my! You're going to have your hands full come harvest time. I envy you :-) Have a wonderful day.

Robin Sue said...

I do this kind of gardening too and love it. Yours look so nice. The humming bird post is great too. I see them in my salvia!

Toni-zone 4 WY said...

Awesome! Your beds look so organized! I like the layout!