Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday Baker has been Fiddling Around and you have to check it out!

Tanya at Sunday Baker is having some serious fun at her Blog site with one of her very favorite holiday gift ideas and you have to check it out.

She is giving away
$50.00 gift design your very own piece of photo artwork at PHOTOFIDDLE

Tanya says ...All you need is one of your favorite high-resolution photos
. You upload it to the
PhotoFiddle website and transform it into gorgeous, high-quality artwork that you can proudly hang in your home. You can choose from over 50 canvas art styles! The really fun part is playing around and transforming your photos to see what they'll look like as an oil painting, charcoal sketch, pop-art, and so much more on their easy-to-use editing tools
Photo changed
to Modern Style (
Photo Transformed To
Pop-Art Style ( Photo transformed into an oil painting (
Photo Transformed to L
ow-Detail Watercolor (
You can get the photo on stretched canvas, or as an art print and frame it yourself (they offer something for every budget). You can also order them in just about any size.

Now if I were to make one of these totally awesome photos it would probably be of my boys...

Hurry over to Sunday Baker before the deadline...(The contest will end Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. )
Tell Tanya I sent you...

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Tanya said...

Aww, such a great photo of your guys!