Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Year of Joy

This year I had 2 out of 3 kids in the house for part of the holiday, NOT BAD!
The years go by so quickly and they grow so fast. I'm grateful for this!

It's so important to decorate the house with all the traditional decorations
and the tree with the the usual ornaments
that have become memories ...each one of them!
I know they look forward to the day they have their
first tree in their own homes and they can hang
all of their memory ornaments that they acquired through the years growing up.

You can really see how the years have passed when you start to decorate the tree!

Each child with his favorite ornament depicting
a special time in their lives or a favorite thing.

The traditional Angel that tops our tree year after year...

The Nativity scene given to us by my Mother in Law
-made in Venezuela hand carved with love!
Or the Christmas Sleigh hand made by my Dad...
Santa sits in it every year!

They all grow so fast - but one thing we can always depend on is Tradition and the Love and Joy that surrounds our Holiday...
My boys look forward to it ..and I know they will continue all the little traditions we have started together for their families when the time comes.
These are MY Life's Joys



Bunny Trails said...

Lovely post! Beautiful tree! Beautiful family! I look back fondly on the traditions my family had/have surrounding Christmas. It is such an amazing time of year!

thank you for sharing :)

Bunny said...

I have ornaments my sister made me years ago that go on the tree along with other ornaments from years past. i also hve a picture of my son when he was little that he made in school that goes on the tree too!! Love your Christmas Tree!!!

Nana said...

Such wonderful memories and traditions!