Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To Die For Chocolate Cake

I had to create dessert tonight before my family revolted!

Last night there was no dessert in the house and they were climbing the walls
-sooooo I deceided to make a simple yellow cake with chocolate icing!

Once the cake was done...I started thinking about Ganache...oh how I love ganache!

The simple little cake would taste so much better with deep dark rich ganache on it. Sooooooo..... I made it.

Of course I had helpers...trying to lick utensils that I might put down!!!!
Begging for a taste ...repeatedly!!!
They were making me nuts.

I finally was able to finish and I have to say it came delish!

They loved it - and if they don't eat it too fast it should keep them happy for a day or two!

Now I have to think of the next treat! Any suggestions?


Bunny Trails said...

Oh goodness, tonight is cake night and I'm DROOLING on myself!! Amazing! This looks like something a professional would make on their perfect day!!

Susan said...

Oh thanks- aren't you sweet! It was fun and they were so happy!

Bunny said...

I've never put ganache on a cake, this looks soo darn good! No wonder they wanted to lick the beaters!!!