Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to steel or hone your knives and a giveaway!

A really great blog post on sharpening and honing your knives and a really "SHARP" giveaway!!!

Just through regular use of your knives, the edge of the blade can “roll.” While your knife may be sharp, the edge might not be pointing straight. Steeling or honing your knife will realign the edge.

Hurry over to Steamy Kitchen Modern Asian

Check out these really awesome knives from- New West Knifeworks- you get to choose which knife you want!
New West Knifeworks is giving a couple of lucky winners a knife of their choice.

On November 30th, they will pick TWO random commenters - and they will receive the knife they’ve chosen.

Hurry up time is running out!


The Blonde Duck said...

Great tips! I need to sharpen ours. I was chopping chicken yesterday and it looked like a cartoon with shreds flying in the air around me!

Lucy said...

Susan, TY for stopping by...I'm enjoying your site ;).

Great tip, I do keep my knives sharp but never tried in this manor.. I will try it later!!

Meg said...

Great tips and thanks for the link!

Lucy said...

Just came back to say I tried honing as you've directed and I was impressed to say the least, thank you for that information! :-)

Susan said...

I was impressed too!