Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Free Style Soup Day

The weather is rainy and damp-although it really is not cold!
For some reason I was desiring soup...soooooooooo I got to cooking!

Well as usual I don't use recipes- I sort of create as I go along.

I started dicing onions and pretty soon I was making a soup very similar to the one I made the other day - you might remember from a previous post.
The only difference is t
hat I used spinach today- I added barley and some tomato paste.
I also added a can of beans and some green beans.
The soup was chock full of goodies and tasted delicious.

Last minute I decided to make some quick bread dough - I thought the soup could use some fresh baked rolls.

It was a hit and everyone was happy- even my son-since I knew he would not dare try my soup I made him a pizza.

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joe@italyville said...

what a great mom... pizza is always a winner!