Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Pickin'

Our local farm offered 1 and only 1 weekend for apple picking...

So we rushed right over there. The colors are really beautiful these days- not as vibrant as I remember from living in New England BUT not bad for my part of North East Pennsylvania!

The trees were so full of apples that the branches were almost touching the ground. We picked Golden Delicious- Red Delicious-Empire and we managed to find 4 Mutsu...they had 4 Mutsu trees and they were picked bare. We managed to find a few on the ground that were knocked off the tree.

The farm has a little barn where they sell fruits and vegetables -on the street.

The place was bursting with fall colors....
Pumpkins ,flowers, gourds,winter squash...
you name it they had it.
It was really beautiful!

After leaving the farm I took the scenic route home and the colors were really beautiful!


Find a farm and go pick some apples!

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jfjohns said...

Really pretty pictures. I would love one of those apples!