Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Apple /Pastry Delights

Well I got inspired. Thats what happens when I sit at my computer and read all the different blogs I subscribe to.
Sooooo I pulled out whatever I had in my fridge to use.
Pastry dough (already prepared)
and of course my Silpat mat!

I cut up the apples and sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar- then I filled a pastry circle and pinched all the edges so they would not leak.

Well- they were not contest worthy but they were not half bad and my hubby loved them.
Oh course for my darling son....(who won't dare eat an apple) I made dough stuffed with chocolate and another stuffed with Nutella....

I served it with mini scoops of vanilla ice cream.
It was a big hit!

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Proud Italian Cook said...

That looks delicious to me!I love the ease of making these free form. My kind of baking!