Monday, June 23, 2008

Mad Monday

Ok this is the start of a new week-
Summer has supposedly started- even though it rains everyday!
I must say the rain has made my plants very happy- but it just doesn't feel like summer to me!
I have to get into a new summer routine- since school ended I feel like a fish out of water. We don't get up at 6 AM any longer and we certainly don'g get to bed early!
I have to get to the gym and my son and I have to make sure we get to the park at least 4 days a week to play some tennis. We both need the exercise and the sun!Let's see if we make tomorrow a productive day.

I had company yesterday- family came by for a quick dinner and fun visit.
We BBQ'd and the food came great. I made my Barley/Mushroom casserole.
Green beans w/garlic and EVOO... London Broil...Pork Tenderloin and a huge salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.
Cappucino and Dark Chocolate cake finished off the meal.
Great Dinner!

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